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Restaurant and cocktail bar. Where refined taste and beauty find shelter.

The project

A new concept in hospitality.

Altitude of 2,420 m, upper Susa Valley. La Marmotta stands here, as a reinterpretation of the alpine shelter in an open, welcoming and versatile formula: restaurant and cocktail bar. Its architectural lines and large windows are in harmony with the surroundings, incorporating the energy and colours of the magnificent alpine panorama.

In a style that combines tradition and modernity, the natural materials - wood, stone, glass - typical of the "Passivhaus" philosophy stand out. The result is a feeling of warmth and absolute comfort. A little further on, the heliport offers other stimulating perspectives.

The atmosphere

Intimacy, style, comfort.

The unusually ample surfaces of its windows become a great backdrop to a world where the show of nature takes centre stage. Inside, you can take in an intimate atmosphere due to a meticulous design that does not forego materials that tell a story: the tables of the restaurant, for example, represent precious pieces of an ancient hardwood floor.

In the different rooms dedicated to relaxation, leather lounges for happy hours alternate with examples of craftsmanship and details of unconventional taste, in an elegant and eclectic style. The music is the special guest invited at the console of our DJ.

La location

High-altitude suggestions.

La Marmotta is situated in the "Via Lattea" ski resort, near the watershed ridge between Susa Valley and Chisone Valley. The view here, at an altitude of 2,420 m, ranges from Mount Chaberton to Rocciamelone, in a panoramic and bright embrace.