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The kitchen

Excellence and a strong link with the territory, our fundamental ingredients.

What we offer

The Bistro and the restaurant.

Those who love to experience the mountains will always find what they are looking for in our cozy burrow. On the ground floor, the casual atmosphere of the bistro is perfect for a quick meal that is full flavor through our selection of single dishes, salads and typical mountain dishes. However, upstairs at the hotel restaurant, there is the perfect setting for business lunches and special dinners. Our menus vary continuously and every plate follows a theme or inspiration. Every Friday evening, we have exclusive dinners that end with an exciting descent into the snow surrounded by stars.

Our philosophyWisdom and emotion.

Sensible insights and careful reflection on ingredients: each one of La Marmotta restaurant’s dishes synthesises this combination of approach. The heart of our kitchen is interlinked with the region, its seasonal products, the quality of it supplies. Each ingredient is the result of a careful selection among the many excellences of the Piedmont region.

We love to offer tradition as a source of dynamic inspiration, including a certain appetite for experimentation. You'll enjoy great classics skilfully reinterpreted, fish delicacies, creative vegetarian dishes: from now on, everything you will expect from a mountain retreat.

The team

An orchestra in the kitchen.

In the kitchen, work is entrusted to a close-knit, youthful and highly creative team. Precious individuals who every day interpret our idea of good food. To always reward those who choose us with a harmony of unique experiences.