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The spirit of La Marmotta.

The qualityA mix of research and craftsmanship.After lunch, La Marmotta becomes the ideal place to share a home-made cocktail. The ingredients are manually selected and prepared ad hoc, in accordance with seasonality.
Every option is the result of in-depth research: exceptionally rare recipes from the late 1800s, great classics reinterpreted, molecular mixes and “smoked drinks” processed directly by our bartender, rum micro-aged in small oak barrels and alchemies of herbs and spices. Excellence in the spirit of La Marmotta.

The bartender

Edoardo Minonne.

Edoardo Minonne tends our bar. A young bartender who arrives at La Marmotta after having accumulated solid foundations in the art of mixing and great experiences in prestigious international companies. The numerous awards received in the field testify to his fiery passion and exquisite technical mastery.

Our cocktail menu

An amazing choice.

Let yourself be carried away by suggestions, colours and aromas in search of the perfect drink and in perfect harmony with your mood.